Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)

Note: These controls have no effect for WaveRT packet devices. Packet devices do not support polling – and always will use event mode. Therefore, the entire “Options” section may be hidden for packet devices. This is not a bug!

There are two basic access methods for a WaveRT device, “pull-mode” (also called “event-mode”) and “push-mode” (also called “polling mode”).

If this box is left unchecked, ASIO4ALL will not use “pull-mode”, otherwise it will use it whenever possible. The default mode will be polling, though, because it is the most compatible one. Especially for small ASIO buffer sizes and those that are not multiples of “32”, WDM drivers may refuse to support Event Mode buffer creation. In that case, ASIO4ALL will revert to polling instead, which you may not even notice.

The “Buffer Offset” only matters when polling is used. The default is now at 1ms, which should work in most cases. You may also try 0ms, which results in even less latency. As a general rule: Higher settings increase latency and stability, lower settings have the adverse effect. Thus, this value should be as close to zero as possible.