Version 2.15 (Beta 1)

  • Major update, therefore in beta first!
  • This version supports Windows 10 only. Older versions of the OS may (and likely will) still work, but we no longer claim to be supporting them.

Changes since version 2.14:

  • Workaround for bug in Windows 10 Creators Update reverted, as Microsoft meanwhile have fixed the original issue.
  • ASIO4ALL now aware of Intel(R) SST and working around several issues
  • Refactoring WaveRT implementation for both, pull mode and polling. Fix an issue that in 64 bit mode ASIO4ALL would not use the position register, but rather the legacy mechanism
  • Improve support for WaveRT packet devices. USB audio class 2.0 devices should work much better now
  • Some audio devices were not detected by ASIO4ALL
  • Full Unicode support for visuals
  • GUI now also works with higher screen resolutions
  • Further GUI cleanup
  • Instruction manual now online, accessible through a GUI help button
  • Completely dropped support for “ReWuschel” and Off-line settings. You could still re-enable “ReWuschel” by setting a registry key, but who really still uses software that is more than 20 years old?







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