Version 2.7 Beta 1

Changes since version 2.6:

  • Actually, there have been a number of minor changes to the audio engine over the last couple months the specifics of which I forgot.
  • ASIO4ALL no longer crashes (BSOD) if there is an ATI Rage Theater or similar device in the system. The WDM audio “drivers” shipped with these devices are simply ignored.
  • SBPCI 128 works now, albeit in 2in/2out mode only.
  • USB devices now generally listed by their names, where possible, instead of the generic USB audio. Helps if you have more than one.
  • Mono inputs are converted to stereo, such as to not confuse hosts that assume channels to always come in pairs. Helps with mono input devices, such as e.g. USB mics.
  • Gave the “Buffer Size” Slider in the control panel a logarithmic scale.
  • Default configuration changed so that e.g. Realtek HD Audio would not have its inputs disabled by default.
  • Experimental: Added a watchdog thread that is supposed to kick in should the host audio engine use all of the CPU due to e.g. denormals.
  • Last minute change: Thanks to Eugene Muzychenko (VAC) for pointing out an issue that could have led to “beyond logic” errors here and there! Helps at least with VAC – but who would’ve thought _that_…







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