Version 2.8 (Final) Released!

– Note that more localizations may be added as soon as I get in sync with folks who volunteered! –

Changes since version 2.8 beta 2:

  • No longer faults with SB X-Fi under Vista.
  • General Vista compatibility improved.
  • Improved WDM enumerator display of device names.
  • Add ability to recover from surprise removal of USB audio devices.
  • Some fine tuning of WaveRT implementation.
  • Agressive device re-ordering (as of beta 2) softened down somewhat. Analog outputs should still be listed before SPDIF ones, though.
  • More minor improvements, most of which mainly serve to increase fault tolerance, others may change the world as we know it, but, alas, over time I had forgotten which ones and in what way exactly.







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